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  • Apr. 21st, 2009 at 3:01 AM
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  1x05, Judgment Day - it's actually occasionally painful to see the contrast in acting skill between the older and younger casts. I've loved Ian McShane since Lovejoy, and his role as Silas remains my favourite thing on the show. Closely following: David's woefully confused expressions. 

I didn't much like Ethan, but he was really the only character I actively didn't care for. Of course - I didn't actively like any of the characters either.  From a certain viewpoint I admire Rose('s cutthroat machinations and very conscious manipulation of social image and perception, translating this into power), and Thomasina's competence (and the delivery of her lines by the actor) are beautiful to watch - but I can't bring myself to care about Michelle, who is painfully naive for a princess, or Jack, who is fast-tracking his way to mental breakdown. 

Things I did like about this ep: Katrina is pleasant (though I get the kind of reading that she's supposed to be the redeemed whore a la Mary Magdalen); Macauley Culkin has this really great, creepy flat affect in his delivery and I kind of want him to be a sociopath - I know they're angling that he was exiled for being a crossdresser, but I'll be really disappointed if they go that route; Michelle knows her brother, knows when he's lying, and backs him up even though he was trying to screw her over (I actually cared about her, and even him, in this scene!); not so much that David hugged Silas but that Silas had no idea what to do with it (he did a bit of arm flail, it was awesome).

I kind of desperately want for Rose's family to have a history of intersex. I just think it would be really interesting if Michelle = Jonathan AND Michal, if she was born physically female but with an XY chromosome - and her XY rather than XX chromosome would be enough for her not to be Rose's favoured child. She'd also be infertile; and the specifics of her XY chromosome would have to be hidden. Rose wouldn't feel that Michelle is actually her daughter (yet neither is her son), while Silas is more 'what you see is what you get'. This idea just popped in my head, as out in the stratosphere as it is, and it won't pop out; I think a contributing factor is that I'm seriously not seeing Jack = Jonathan yet. Of course, it's still early days in the season. Haha, I guess this insane plot wut I has conceived is exactly why no studio would ever hire me as a television writer (crack! all I would write would be crack!). 

  2x21, Chuck versus the Colonel - I was grinning pretty much all the way through this episode. I don't really have a huge reaction post, but a quick list of favourite bits: 

- Chuck and Sarah waking up together. Seriously, just that intimacy and closeness - gah. I've never been that invested in their relationship because the show has teased so much with it since the beginning, and because I never completely bought into it. But that scene totally sold me.

- MORGAN. HAHA. (Also Stepfather > Godfather, y/n?

- Chuck. First saying he's not going to leave Casey behind, second actively working to not leave Sarah behind. He's really grown into a character I could realistically believe could pull off action hero antics (however slap-stick those antics would be).

- Sarah's not subtle at all guilt trip. Ahahaha I love the dirty look she shoots Casey. Bestest ever.

- I kind of love that Lester and Jeff actually did something helpful and not just disgusting for once. I mean, they're almost always funny; but they're almost always cringe-worthy, too.

- DEVON. Oh, god. Just. Yeah. STALKER. Yeah. Hahahahahahaha. And such a perfect reveal! And such a perfect reaction! Oh, man. I want Devon to be like, a new recruit or something. I don't know. I just love how proud he is of Chuck, how delighted and convinced that Chuck is awesome.

- Hahahaha Bartowski siblings unwittingly double whammying Cap'n Awesome. I love it. The same phrasing, the same pleading look.

- Aww, Casey felt left out. <3

- Papa Bartowski is kinda awesome. I'mjustsayin'.

- I do want Chuck to stay Intersectless, but it's totally not going to happen. Well, it might if the show ends this season; but no one wants that. Ahhh. But once he has that Intersect back in his head, they're just gonna restart the cocktease dance that is Chuck and Sarah's Epic Love.

- I actually was proud of Morgan. It was a huge moment for me. It's totally awesome how Chuck and Morga mirrored each other, each gaining freedom on the same night. Another thing I liked about that scene - Morgan wasn't completely dependent on Chuck, he didn't melt into puppy mode at the sight of his often absentee bff; he kept on walking, he was his own man.

- Meanwhile, Chuck looked so confused and disconcerted, and it really drove home how disengaged he was with the Buy More. It was a nice echo to the beginning of the ep where the employees are all lined up, everyone neatly presented and solemnly grim-faced, whereas Chuck remains *shirt untucked* *tie askew* *bemused* - subtle signs of nonconformity, of looking in rather than being in. It was one of the quieter things that really showed how far from the Buy More, and his 'real life' Chuck has grown - Chuck's spy life, his lie life, is the one he's more invested in, and it shows.

- BARTOWSKI FAMILY REUNION. And Awesome being awesome. 

- Heeee, Casey standing up for Sarah, Chuck echoing, hahaha. Later, Chuck inviting Casey as a friend, and Casey coming out with cigars after the quickest shirt change ever. Sarah, looking smokin'. 

- In summation: CHUCK. 

 1x07, Home is Where the Heart Stops - the best parts of this show are undeniably Castle and Alexis pal'ing around as irrepressible father-daughter duo. I love that we begin the episode with them fencing, Castle using the opportunity to distract Alexis into talking about the boy she likes; I love that they play together and talk to each other and are each other's confidantes. There's just so much honest care and affection in how they deal with one another. They're among my favourite television dad-daughter combinations. 

And then Castle worrying over Alexis, mentioning that maybe they should have a panic room - honestly freaking out when the lady at the fundraiser knows something about his daughter. Too cute! And Castle teasing Alexis about her study group of two, ahhh, so adorable - Castle is completely mom and dad and friend, but at the same time he would be so completely destroyed if anything happened to his daughter.

I enjoyed some parts with Becket, but I kind of feel that show is trying too hard to force a chemistry by tailoring her personality from competent cop to competent cop in growing awe of Castle. (Castle, total Gary Stu, no?) The gun scene was fun, but I actually really hated the dress one; Becket is sharply dressed in the first few episodes to realistically have a little black dress tucked away, not the gaudy psychedelic messes trotted out in fron of the camera for 'comedic' effect.

I really liked the end scene, Becket fitting in with Castle's mom and daughter - slightly awkward, but not letting that stop her. It was a neat scene to close on, one that was less about the romance/UST between Castle and Becket, and more about the comraderie and sense of family as the family-less Becket gets enveloped by Castle's family. Not so much pressure to flirt as belonging and storytelling and companionship. 

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