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a little bit shameful now

  • May. 1st, 2009 at 11:30 PM
sloth: from the television show psych, shawn and gus not at all invisible (invisible)
During my current bout of being bizarrely ill, my television has gifted me with multiple episodes of both The O. C. and iCarly. And, despite the former being so completely self-involved whiney teenage overly privileged youth and the latter being a product of YTV/Nickelodeon - I'm actually enjoying them. Like, Ben McKenzie is adorable! Who knew? And Miranda Cosgrove, like, I kind of think she is awesome. I love her delivery and comedic timing and how much chemistry she has with every other character on the show. I love her character's best friend and her other best friend and her older brother. 

I'm kind of baffled at myself. (And also shamefully seeking fic. Not so much for iCarly - though maybe? - but for the O. C., I know there is quality stuff floating out there, I'm kind of in search of it now - trolling pit of voles, aka fanfiction dot net - and delicous recs. Gah, the shame, it burns. Like venereal disease or the fires of hell.)