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today = win (?)

  • Jun. 20th, 2009 at 9:43 PM
sloth: paper cranes (in flight)

1) got both Black Skin White Masks AND Wretched of the Earth for under $20 (Zoinks bookstore on Bloor; technically used books, but both in new condition)

2) ate gloriously cheap, wonderfully delicious Thai food (@ Urban Thai, ironically in Little Italy)

3) got a truly awesome cappucino

4) spent time with friends

5) wrote porn at the Star Trek kink meme (over here) (warning: somnophilia)


1) blisters. Blisters. Ow.

2) still freaking out a little over my mom acting weird.

3) still hate grad school; am clawing at the metaphorical bars of this academic cage.

I guess we'll call it a win?

Edit: forgot to add, have invite codes. Leave comment and will give; first come, first etc.